Eligible Training Provider Program

Occupational Training

Workforce Solutions Cameron offers financial assistance to support training in targeted/high demand occupations.  Funding is available through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). 

WIOA was created to assist youth and adults access employment, training and support services.  The goal of WIOA is to enable individuals to acquire the necessary skills or credentials to obtain and retain full time employment.  In an effort to ensure that individuals are prepared for current and emerging careers, training and employment services are coupled with essential supportive services to yield successful workforce outcomes.  

WIOA serves three target groups:

Low Income Adults:  Individuals age 18 or older who meet income eligibility requirements

Dislocated Workers: Individuals who have been terminated or laid off from their previous job

Youth: Low income individuals, aged 14 to 24, with a qualifying barrier, including:

  • Deficient in basic literacy skills
  • School drop-out
  • English language learner
  • Offender
  • Homeless/Runaway/Foster Youth
  • Pregnant or parenting
  • Disabled

WIOA offers assistance with the following:

  • Funding for occupational/vocational training
  • Funding for training material and books
  • On-the- job training to acquire necessary employment skills
  • Funding for basic tools needed for a new job
  • Transportation
  • Job search/ job matching assistance
  • Funding for clothing to conduct job search or new employment
  • Referrals for child care assistance
  • And more!

Individuals who qualify to receive financial assistance from Workforce Solutions Cameron must use an eligible training provider and program listed on the statewide Eligible Training Provider System (ETPS). To view and download the ETPS list, please click on the link below.

Eligible Training Provider System List

Click Here to view and download the ETPS list.

Workforce Solutions Cameron is here to assist you if you want to begin your journey to career success.  The first step is to attend one of our free WIOA Orientations. These orientations provide an overview of the program requirements including details on program eligibility and participation, approved training programs, and training providers.  Orientations are offered every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. in our Workforce Centers.

Once you have attended an orientation, have a chosen a program and a training provider, and are committed to meeting program expectations, you can fill out and submit a WIOA application online.

W I O A application Logo

Fill out and submit your WIOA application online.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a federal law that helps youth and adults access employment training and support services. It also helps match employers with the workers they need.


Workforce Solutions Cameron offers several work-based training options for individuals seeking to gain practical work experience and enhance their career opportunities.  Work-based training exposes individuals to actual work situations.  Trainees learn about a job by shadowing an employee in a real work environment by actually working on a job under the guidance/supervision of a mentor.  And, employers get to assess a trainee's potential for current or future job opportunities.

Work experiences are for individuals with barriers to employment, who are chronically unemployed, or have an inconsistent work history, and are designed to assist in establishing a work history, demonstrate success in the workplace, and develop the skills that lead to entry into and retention in unsubsidized employment.  Paid and unpaid, time-limited work experiences are available in the public, private, or nonprofit sectors.  For youth, paid and unpaid work experiences include academic and occupational education as a component of the work experience, which may include internships and job shadowing, summer jobs, and OJT.  For more information please visit one of our Workforce Solution Cameron centers.

At Workforce Solutions Cameron we offer workshops to help you become job-ready and also a more marketable, better employee. With over 35 years of combined experience, our instructors are committed to equip you with the knowledge and resources you need to thrive on the workplace. Our workshops are free and open to the public.

Soft Skills

Our Soft Skills workshops target workers of all ages and industries to set them for success on the job.  This course is endorsed by the local chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. Upon completion of the 20-hour course, you get a certificate which you can present at job interviews and add to your résumé.
Topics include:

    • Communication Skills
    • Goal Setting & Teamwork
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Time Management & more

If you're interested in attending an upcoming Soft Skills event, Click Here to view our calendar.

Job Readiness

Our Job Readiness workshops prepare jobseekers of all ages and walks of life to successfully seek and obtain employment.
Topics include:

  • Job Search Tools
  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing Principles
  • Mock Interviews and more

If you're interested in attending an upcoming Job Readiness workshop, Click Here to view our calendar.

Job Club

Navigating the challenges of job search is easier when you are not alone!  Job Club is a support network for jobseekers, where they can make connections, help and be helped by peers on their job quest.

If you're interested in attending an upcoming Job Club workshop, Click Here to view our calendar.

Career Exploration Tools


Don't know how much money you will need to earn in the future?  Don't know which occupation to choose?  No problem!  Below are three options to help you select the right career for your spending needs.

Texas Oncourse

Texas On Course creates pathways to post secondary and career success for Texas students by providing best in-class online resources and strengthening advisory and support networks to students, parents, and counselors.

Texas Career Check

Texas Career Check, a multi media career information system, is designed to help students and job seekers interactively address education and career exploration questions.  It contains detailed O'NET occupational characteristics data and Texas state and regional labor market information including wages and job projections, employer contact lists, and over 320 occupational videos.


Career one stop logo


Labor Market Information

Labor market information is a powerful tool that enables:

  • Employers to make informed business decisions
  • Job Seekers to make knowledgeable career choices
  • Policymakers to effectively allocate resources, and 
  • Educations to meet the needs of a dynamic and fluid economy.

To meet this community need, Workforce Solutions Cameron is committed to providing access to timely, accurate, and relevant labor market information about our region.  We provide this information free of charge and can work with you, one-on-one to determine how to use data to identify and capitalize on opportunities in the workforce.  A variety of labor market information is available through this site and through your nearest WFS Cameron Workforce Center.