Workforce Solutions Cameron provides a priority of service to job seekers who identify themselves as a Veteran or a spouse of a Veteran visiting one of our Workforce Centers.

Your transition from the military profession to a civilian job might be one of the toughest obstacles to overcome as you return home, however it is not insurmountable.  There are many employers out there who are looking for your skills; the challenge is relating those skills in a manner that they can understand.  The Texas Veterans Commission can help you as you go through the employment process.  If you think you could benefit from our personalized services contact your nearest workforce center and ask to talk to a Veterans Employment Representative.  Employment services include:

  • Intensive Services
  • Converting military occupation to civilian occupations for resume and job search
  • Job matching and referrals
  • Resume assistance
  • Employer outreach
  • Job search workshops
  • Vocational guidance
  • Labor market information
  • Referrals to training
  • Other supportive services


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Markets Texas to Veterans as a place to live, earn a living, raise a family & enjoy all the state has to offer.  

Texans Veterans Leadership Program

A resource and referral network that serves to connect returning veterans of Iraq & Afghanistan.

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Provides resources & expertise to assist veterans in obtaining meaningful careers & maximize their employment opportunities.



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Learn more detailed work activities. Additional websites. Use your military skills to get a job you already know how to do! Get Started! Learn More.