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General Program Information

Implementation of Waitlist

Workforce Solutions Cameron has implemented a waitlist and currently not enrolling new families. Parents who are placed on the waitlist will be notified by Child Care Services, according to established priority groups and once space becomes available.

Parents who wish to remain on the waitlist must contact us every 60 calendar days to ensure contact information is up-to-date. Failure to notify us will result in being removed from the waitlist and parents will be required to re-apply.

Note: Individuals whose care was terminated due to excessive unexplained absences or unpaid parent share of cost cannot be placed on the waitlist before complying with a mandatory 60 calendar day waiting period.


To address the impacts of COVID-19 and support Texas’ economic recovery, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has approved a new COVID-19 Service Industry Recovery (SIR) child care program to help employees in TWC-specified service industries.  Parents who qualify may receive up to 12 months of childcare and will not be required to pay a parent share of cost.

To qualify for SIR child care, at least one parent must be currently employed or entering employment in one for the following TWC-specified service industries:


  • the parent requires child care services in order to work;
  • the family income is at or below 75 percent of SMI (threshold are listed below); and
  • the child:
    • is under age 13 (or, at Board option, under age 19 if disabled);
    • has legal citizenship or immigration status; and
    • resides with a family (including with an individual standing in loco parentis) within the Board’s local workforce development area.

Family Size

TWC Threshold of 75% SMI


TWC Threshold of 75% SMI





























Parents will be required to provide documentation of a child’s citizenship or legal immigration status AND proof of participation in one of TWC-specified service industries, to qualify for SIR child care.  Parents are not required to submit income information and they can self-attest that family income is at or below 75 percent SMI.  One-parent households must be working a minimum of 25 hours per week and two-parent households must be working a total of 50 hours per week to qualify.

To apply, please click on the link below.

Service Industry Recovery Child Care Form

Child Care Services helps income-eligible families find and pay for child care.
To see if you qualify, click on the link below.

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