Having questions is normal and expected so we've taken the time to compile a few of our most frequently asked questions to help address your concerns.

Anyone living in Cameron County, who meet the income guidelines and who are working, attending school, or enrolled in a training program or doing a combination of both for at least 25 hours a week for a single parent and 50 hours a week for a two-parent household.

Yes, depending on your monthly employment income before taxes (gross amount) and total household income which may include but is not limited to other included income as well as your family size.  You will be responsible for your parent share of cost also known as your co-pay.

You can complete the attached application and either fax or drop off it off at either at the Brownsville or Harlingen locations. You can also apply online at or you may pick up an application at one of our Workforce Solutions Centers.

Parents have the right to choose a child care provider.  At the time of determination, you will receive a list of child care centers who accept subsided child care in Cameron County.   You can also search for a provider on the Child Care Licensing website,  You can also visit our website for a complete list of providers. 

No, as of October 1, 2016, with the Child Care re-authorization, several changes took into effect and one being the exclusion of child support payments and the reporting of attendance for children in school. 

Changes must be report to our office within 14 days of occurrence. Changes that must be reported include: A loss of job, training, or education; a change of address or contact information; any change of child care provider; or any changes to family size or income that may affect your parent share of cost.

The number of persons in your household includes yourself and your dependents under the age of 18 or dependents that you have legal custody f that are attending school, your spouse or the father or mother of the children.  NOTE:  a dependent can be defined as anyone that you are legally able to claim on your tax return.

Your monthly PSC amount is determined by your monthly employment income before taxes (gross amount) and total household income which may be included as well at your family size and number of children receiving care.

No; your parent share of cost is based solely on your household income and family size.

If you are experiencing a change in status that may prevent you from paying your parent share of cost, your case will need to be reviewed for further evaluation. Please contact the Child Care Services for more information.

You will need to report your changes within 14 calendar days from the last day you worked.  If are experiencing a temporary change in status, please contact the Child Care Services for more information.   


Are you working?  Are you in school or training and need help with childcare you can trust.  We can help, fill out our childcare registration form to see if you qualify and what services are available to you.